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The Gas x-pert.

Get relief from pressure, bloating, and flatulence with Gas-X®, the #1 brand in gas relief.

Pressure's Off: How To Relieve Gas With Gas-X™

The makers of Gas-X® understand that when you experience gas, pressure or a bloated stomach, it can be uncomfortable, especially if you don’t know how to relieve gas. What's even more frustrating is that it can consume your mind, distracting you from what you are doing - making you feel helpless. That's why you need Gas-X®, the trusted gas relief you expect from the #1 brand in gas relief. Gas-X® relieves your multiple gas symptoms, like pressure and bloating, with unbeatable speed! So you can relax, refocus, and get back on track.

Gas-X® contains simethicone, the #1 doctor recommended ingredient to bring gas relief, and it's available without a prescription. Gas-X® comes in three convenient forms: softgel, chewable, and the revolutionary Thin Strips® form. So you never have to worry about how to relieve gas, wherever you are.

Pressure's Off.®

Among OTC brands; IRI 2010-2012.

*Use as directed