Gas is a natural part of life. Everyone passes gas every day. Scientists, soccer moms, truck drivers, supermodels, politicians, monks, five-alarm chili fans…everyone!

But some of us experience gas more often, or more uncomfortably, than others. This can lead to discomfort and abdominal bloating, which can cause other less-than-flattering gas effects...like flatulence.

To make matters worse, these gas bouts always seem to occur at the least appropriate times – at work, on a date, while trapped in the center seat on a 9-hour flight – which adds a level of anxiety to an already uncomfortable situation.

Gas-X rescues you from the discomfort of those situations quickly – thanks to a formula specifically designed to treat gas. 

Gas-X contains simethicone -- the #1 doctor recommended OTC ingredient for fast relief of gas and its symptoms, including pressure, abdominal bloating, and discomfort. This is why Gas-X is recognized as the doctor recommended gas relief brand!*

Gas-X products are available in both softgels and chewables:

*Rank among OTC anti-gas brands

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