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Remedies to Alleviate Your Gas Stomach Pain

How gas-x helps

Remedies to Alleviate Your Gas Stomach Pain

Got gas? You’re not alone — passing gas is normal and natural. Still, there may be times when you’re gassier than usual, and you want to do something about it — especially if you have stomach pain from all that gas.

Gas and stomach pain is often caused by issues like swallowing too much air when you talk, eating certain foods that cause gas, a slowing of food through the colon (which happens as you age), as well as medical issues like diabetes.

Here, discover how to get rid of gas pains. Relief, coming soon!

Remedies For Gas Pain

1. Drink More Water

Keeping hydrated can help prevent constipation (and constipation can lead to gas). Thus, it’s important to drink lots of water to avoid gas and stomach pains. Just skip fizzy drinks (sorry, that includes selzer!), which can be gas-causing culprits (because they add more gas to your system).

2. Start an Exercise Regimen

Some people can enjoy dairy products like ice cream as long as they stick to working out not only helps you stay fit, but it can also help get rid of gas pain. Here’s the scoop: exercise helps lower your odds of constipation, and as a result, limits the amount of gas your colon releases. So try and move regularly, as in 30 minutes, three to four days a week.

3. Cut Out Certain Trigger Foods

Even if you love dairy or high fiber foods, it might be worth cutting back and seeing if it affects your gas. If you don’t want to give up milk entirely, try a milk that is lactose-free. As for fiber-filled foods, broccoli, beans, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower are known gas offenders. Cut them out for a few weeks, and then gradually add them back in and see what happens.

4. Take Your Time When Eating

We know — you’re super busy and don’t have a moment for leisurely meals. Still, it’s worth it to take your time when eating, to lower your odds of getting gas and stomach pain. Eating slowly helps because it reduces how much air you swallow when you eat — the air that could otherwise lead to gas.

5. Avoid Using Artificial Sweeteners

While you might be tempted to add them to your coffee, know that sugar substitutes, particularly sugar alcohols, can cause gas. The reason? These sweeteners may have a laxative effect. Read the labels on foods, and consider trying a different sweetener. Also, consider Gas-X Chewable Tablets. They relieve gas fast and are the number one doctor recommended brand in gas relief.

Hopefully, with a remedy or two, you’ll be on your way to less stomach and gas pain!