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Why Am I So Gassy?

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Why Am I So Gassy?

Enjoying delicious meals — whether with family and friends or whipping up something fantastic just for yourself — can be a lot of fun, but dealing with post-meal gassiness is not. Thankfully, Gas-X Extra Strength Chewables can help you if you experience unexpected gassiness. Known as the No. 1 doctor-recommended brand in gas relief, Gas-X relieves pressure, bloating, and discomfort in minutes.

Occasional gassiness happens to almost everyone, but if you’ve started asking yourself “why am I so gassy?” more often than not, read on for some possible reasons and some methods for avoiding annoying gas and bloating for good.

What’s Causing Your Gas

Food Intolerances

One reason you may experience gassiness and bloating after eating is because of food intolerances. Food intolerances may occur due to a few reasons, such as your body not making a certain enzyme needed to break down a specific type of food, as is the case for those who may be lactose intolerant. Another reason behind food intolerances may be a reaction to certain chemicals in foods, such as sulfites. Although different from a food allergy, food intolerances can still cause uncomfortable symptoms such as gas, stomach pain, or diarrhea.

Talking While Eating or Drinking

Talking while eating and drinking can cause excess air to be swallowed, ultimately creating more gas inside the body. To help avoid excess air buildup, try to eat and drink on the slower side!

Eating Fatty Foods

A diet that consists of a lot of rich, high-fat foods (think fast food, fried foods and red meat) can be a culprit behind excess gassiness. Diets high in unhealthy fats can cause other health issues as well, such as inflammation.

Drinking Carbonated Beverages, Such as Soda and Beer

Soda and beer are two carbonated beverages that can potentially cause excess gas and bloating. This is because they release carbon dioxide gas into your digestive system. If you’re a big seltzer drinker, try to substitute fruit-infused water instead. If you’re big into beer, try an alcoholic cider.

One key way to focus in on what may be causing your gassiness is to try eliminating certain things like beans, broccoli, some fruits, and whole-grain items, which are all common gas-causing foods. If, after eliminating one or all of these foods, your gas and bloating seem to diminish, you may want to talk to your doctor about following a specific type of diet, as you could have more food intolerances than you realize!