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The Fall Fruit That Could Be Giving You Gas

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The Fall Fruit That Could Be Giving You Gas

Apple picking is often one of the highlights of fall (that, and maybe taking your first sip of a pumpkin spice latte), but before you throw on a cute scarf and riding boots and head to the orchard to fill up your basket, you’ll want to know this: apples are one of the foods that may cause gas. Yup, your favorite fall fruit might be responsible for that occasional bloated feeling.

But does that mean you have to give up apples and all the delicious foods (hello, apple pie!) they can be added to? Not necessarily. Read on for the 411 about this popular fall food.

Carbs and Gas

Here’s the scoop: apples contain carbohydrates, and many foods that have carbs also have the potential to cause gas. Fats and protein, meanwhile, likely won’t cause much gas (so keto fans, rejoyce!).

Fructose and Gas

On top of that, apples are high in a type of sugar called fructose, and too much fructose in your diet may cause gas issues for some people. In fact, “fructose malabsorption” is a thing — it essentially means that your body doesn’t know how to properly digest the fructose found in the foods you’re eating, and that in turn can cause gas, bloating, and other digestive woes.

Sorbitol and Gas

There’s more: apples are also one of the fruits that rank high in sorbitol content. Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol that’s naturally found in fruits and plants and is sometimes used as a food additive. Eating a lot of sorbitol may cause gastrointestinal issues including gas.

So now that you know there are a few reasons apples might be giving you gas, should you avoid heading to the orchard this fall? Well, like most things, it’s really up to your personal experience. If you find that you often feel gassy and bloated after eating apples, than it may be a good idea to skip them whenever possible. But if you really have a thing for biting into a ripe, juicy MacIntosh in October and haven’t noticed a pattern of stomach discomfort, then go for it!

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