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7 Tips For Making Travel More Comfortable

How Gas-X Helps

7 Tips For Making Travel More Comfortable

Traveling isn’t always fun; from crammed plane rides to traffic jams, things can get stressful. Make things more comfortable with these tips.

As fun as vacations can be, they can also be a real shock to the system. Long plane rides, stressful traffic, and foods we don’t typically eat are just a few aspects of traveling that can throw our digestive systems for a loop.

Before you start setting your travel plans in motion, take a look at these seven tips for increasing comfort along the way. Just because you have to be on the road for hours doesn’t mean you can’t relax a little while doing so!

Ways To Make Holiday Travel Comfortable

1. Hydrate

Traveling can have a real drying effect on the body. Staying hydrated will not only help your skin look its best when you finally get to your destination, but it’ll also help keep your digestive system healthy.

2. Dress For Comfort, Not Style

Did you know that flying can cause bloating? Or that feet can swell when stuck in uncomfortable shoes for long periods of time? Save your most stylish look for a holiday party and build a travel outfit from soft, non-restrictive clothing.

3. Pack Gas-X

Even if you try to dress as comfortably as possible and avoid foods you know trigger your stomach, sometimes gas and bloating are just a part of traveling. Packing Gas-X Extra Strength SoftGels in your suitcase means you’ll be able to treat bloating, gas, and abdominal discomfort fast (relief starts in just minutes).

4. Fight Against Jet Lag

Staying hydrated, spending time adjusting to your new time zone before you get there (i.e., going to sleep / waking up at a slightly different time a few days before traveling), and getting as much sunlight as possible are three great ways to ease the stress of jet lag.

5. Avoid Overindulging

Easier said than done, but avoiding overeating while traveling is a key way to stay comfortable. Consider packing healthy snacks, and avoid pre-packaged food at airports.

6. Don’t Forget Your Daily Vitamins / Medications

It’s obviously extremely important to make sure you have the proper dosage of any medications you take for the length of your trip, but bringing along your usual vitamin regimen can keep your healthy routines going — despite a change of scenery.

7. Get Physical Activity Whenever Possible

You know the drill: take the stairs, park farther away from any entrances, add a few extra steps to your road trip rest stops . . . whenever you have an excuse to move, take it! Not only will your digestive system thank you, but your muscles will be happier too.