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5 Beach-Bag Must Haves to Beat Your Bloat

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5 Beach-Bag Must Haves to Beat Your Bloat

There’s nothing better than a day at the beach, but if you suddenly start to feel as bloated as a beach ball in your bathing suit, that fun in the sun can quickly get squashed. The good news is if you suffer from occasional bloating and gas (which is pretty much everyone, as the average person passes gas 13 to 21 times a day), you don’t have to deal with bloat at the beach as long as you pack your beach bag and cooler properly!

Here’s what to bring to avoid uncomfortable bloating (and the gas that comes with it) during an awesome beach day with friends.

What to Pack in Your Beach Bag to Beat the Bloat

1. Water

You should drink more water at the beach anyway to help prevent dehydration and stay cool, but it’s especially important to choose water over carbonated beverages and alcohol as the bubbles in those drinks can cause bloating. If you are going to have a beach beer, sip it slowly, as it will release carbon dioxide gas into your stomach. Pro tip: keep things natural and cool by freezing a few water bottles the night before, then using them as ice in your cooler!

2. Fruit

Fruit like bananas, cantaloupe, and oranges contain healthy amounts of potassium, a mineral that helps to keep your sodium levels regulated. Reduced sodium levels can help prevent bloating due to water/fluid retention. Bananas in particular are a good source of soluble fiber, which can also help with digestion.

3. Low-Fat Snacks

High-fat foods (think ice cream, french fries, and hamburgers — all delicious beach delights!) can sometimes cause bloating because of the time it takes them to leave your stomach. Opt for healthier choices like a grilled chicken sandwich, fresh veggies and hummus, or even a fruit salad.

4. Gas-X Extra Strength Chewables

For those days when you’re not paying attention to your diet or throwing caution to the wind (or in this case, the ocean), these Gas-X Extra Strength chewables help relieve pressure, bloating, and discomfort in minutes so you can get off your beach towel and get back to enjoying the day.

5. Walking shoes

Taking a walk after eating may help reduce bloating. If you prefer to prance on the sand barefoot, that’s fine too! All that matters is that you move. Sitting up straight after eating is another easy method to alleviate the possibility of belly bloat.