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7 Embarrassing Things That Can Happen at the Gym and How to Recover Fast

We’ve all been there: you walk through the gym doors ready to crush a workout, put your earphones on, fill your water bottle, start to get your sweat on, and then. . . something embarrassing happens that leaves you scurrying for the locker room intent on never showing your face again!

First things first: don’t sweat it. Embarrassing moments at the gym happen to everyone, and most of the time, the person who notices it the most is the person it happens to. But just in case you need a little inspiration the next time something less than stellar happens to you during your workout, here’s how to recover from an embarrassing situation — fast.

How to Recover From Embarrassing Things That Happen at the Gym

Falling Off the Treadmill

While walking or running on a treadmill seems like a pretty straightforward task, staying balanced on a moving surface can be tricky. Add in phones, TV, water bottles, and towels, and it’s easy to get distracted and miss a step.

The best way to prevent falling? Resist the urge to multitask. Pause or stop the treadmill if you need a sip of water or to adjust your playlist. The same goes if you find yourself running too fast. If you need a break, don’t jump onto the side rails while the belt is moving. That’s just asking for it!

Passing Gas

While farting is a normal bodily function, it tops the list of embarrassing mishaps at the gym! However, whether you’re lifting weights or settling into downward dog in a yoga class, it’s common to pass a little gas.

If you let one fly, laugh it off and quickly apologize. To reduce your risk of farting at the gym, steer clear of gas-producing foods like beans, dairy products, and vegetables like cabbage and broccoli before working up a sweat. For extra protection, pack Gas-X Extra Strength SoftGels in your gym bag, the #1 doctor-recommended brand to relieve gas fast.

Wardrobe Snafu

See-through leggings, split pants, and exposing more than just a little side boob are some pitfalls you may experience when you’re lifting weights or jumping around in a group cardio class.

If it happens to you, discreetly cover up and adjust yourself. Or better yet, test drive your outfit before heading to the gym to make sure that sports bra is supportive and those leggings are “squat proof.”

Walking Into the Wrong Locker Room

Sometimes it just happens. Whether you’re riding a workout high or sending a quick text, you mindlessly walk into the wrong locker room and — yikes! Hopefully, there’s no one there, but if there is, make a quick exit and shake it off.

Sweating in All the Wrong Places

You want a good workout, but you don’t want your sweat to show down there. While sweating is your body’s natural way of cooling off when your internal thermostat rises, there are ways to minimize its appearance in embarrassing spots. Try wearing dark colors and sweat-wicking clothes.

Tripping or Slipping

Most gyms are obstacle courses waiting to trip you up. During your gym session, you constantly have to navigate around cardio machines, swinging cables, and props like exercise and medicine balls — not to mention other gym-goers.

If you do trip or slip, don’t freak out. Flash a smile and focus on your workout. After a few minutes, no one will remember what happened.

Busting a Move

Or not. Group fitness classes can be intimidating, especially if you have two left feet. If you can’t follow the moves or rhythm, don’t worry. Everyone starts somewhere and makes mistakes. Plus, the whole point is to have fun and move your body!

Tell the instructor you’re new and ask for pointers. They may also suggest the perfect spot in class where you can see what’s going on but not draw attention to yourself. You can prep for class, too. Stream a similar workout at home first to become familiar with the moves or look for a beginner class on the schedule.