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6 Quick Tips For Dealing With Embarrassing Moments

Part of being human is trudging through embarrassing — sometimes even mortifying — experiences. It’s something that every single person can relate to, regardless of background, status, or job title. We’ve all had embarrassing moments, yet it can still feel crippling when you’re going through it.

Think about it: almost everyone on planet Earth has passed gas in public, but somehow it still sends us into a shock of shame and embarrassment (unless you have a good sense of humor about it, of course). “Embarrassing moments are simply unavoidable,” said clinical psychologist Dr. Kevin Gilliland. “If you have a chronic condition that makes it more likely, it can help to have a few well-rehearsed strategies for resolving the awkward.”

And while Gas-X Ultra Strength Softgels can help relieve pressure, bloating, and discomfort in minutes (that’s right, minutes) during those embarrassing times, it’s important to have the right mental attitude about it, too. We consulted Dr. Gilliland as well as clinical psychologist Dr.John Mayer to give you an additional line of defense against potentially uncomfortable and embarrassing scenarios.

Tips For Dealing With Embarrassing Moments

1. Play dumb

Both psychologists agreed on this one. “Act like it didn’t happen, and then change the subject or the activity lightning fast!” Dr. Mayer said. Dr. Gilliland suggested, “Looking around with a puzzled look on your face, like, ‘I thought I heard something, too.’” And, “If the situation is right, act like you’re asleep.”

2. Use your sense of humor

“Make fun of yourself!” Dr. Mayer said. “Self-deprecating humor is always welcome in this age of narcissism,” he explained. It’ll be quite refreshing for those around you to see someone so secure and confident, they can laugh at themselves. Way to turn an awkward situation into an all-star moment! Dr. Gilliland agreed. “I always tell people to play to their strengths; if they do funny, then do funny,” he said. “Most people find humor to be a good way to break the ice if there is a tense or serious or embarrassing situation.”

3. Blame it on something else

“You can always look down like you stepped on something or move around in your chair looking at it like something broke,” Dr. Gilliland said. And in Dr. Mayer’s words, “Make some Wes Anderson.” In other words, “rationalization for the embarrassing experience.”

4. Own it

The “who cares!?” attitude could serve you here. As Dr. Gilliland witnessed, someone who broke wind in public said, “Whoa, hello there, let’s get going . . . sorry about that,” and just went with it. “That was a favorite I heard from a gentleman who could have used Gas-X,” Dr. Gilliland said.

5. Remember, it’s not a big deal

“When we do something that we feel is embarrassing, trust me, the rest of the world isn’t watching, they’re too busy worrying about their day or the email they just got on their phone,” Dr. Gilliland said. “And if you don’t know them and will never see them again, then just remember, you don’t know them and will never see them again.” We agree. “Don’t hang on to the moment,” he said. “Other people won’t. They’re too busy on their phones.”

6. Prevent what you can

Some “embarrassing” moments are preventable. If you’re nervous about gas in public, opt for the No. 1 doctor-recommended brand in gas relief: Gas-X. This is your key to relieving gas fast and avoid having to use these defense mechanisms altogether.